Report Information

Achievement Levels

A to E Grades
In relation to the achievement standard, your child is demonstrating …..A – Excellent      B – Good      C – Satisfactory       D – Partial      E – Minimal    ….achievement of what is expected at this year level.

(Typically a C grade means a student is achieving what is expected of them at that point in their learning. This is a considerable achievement because of the high expectations built in to the achievement standards.)

Other Categories

Knowledge Development, Involvement in Subject, Subject Skills, Work Completion, Punctuality, Engagement etc

M – Minimal     P – Partial      S – Satisfactory     G – Good      Ex – Excellent

Modified SACE

Modified SACE Subjects assess completion against personal learning goals and not SACE achievement standards. Acheivement is reported as “Complete”, “Not Yet Complete” “on “Track to Complete Successfully” or “Not on track top complete successfully”


for more information please goto Modified Subjects – South Australian Certificate of Education (



Note: “Total Days Absent” includes all explained and unexplained absences, including partial days absent for Semester 1. This does not include school closure days, sports, excursions and other on or off site programs. Lesson attendance % is based on the actual lessons held and excludes any cancelled lessons.