The Findon High School Uniform Policy has been endorsed by the School Governing Council in accordance with regulations for its development and approval.

  • White short or long-sleeved collared shirt with logo (tie optional)
  • Charcoal pants
  • Charcoal shorts
  • Grey polo shirt with logo
  • Black shorts with logo
  • Black track pants with logo
  • Grey crew neck windcheater with logo
  • Grey jacket with logo
  • Checked summer dress
  • Tartan skirt
  • Maroon and white Findon High School tie (available at school)
  • Plain black enclosed shoes or T-bar sandals
  • Plain short white, black or grey socks
  • Plain knee-high white socks
  • Plain black, grey or neutral tights or stockings
  • House sports polo (available through pre-order at school)
  • White, grey, black or maroon head scarf

Year 12 students are permitted to wear a Year 12 jacket as determined by the Year 12 coordinator.

Physical Education and Sport

Students are required to change into sports attire for Physical Education lessons. Students are encouraged to purchase their House Polo from the Student Services office for this purpose and will be supplied with appropriate uniforms for sporting teams on most occasions.

Uniform guidelines

  • Students are expected to wear full school uniform to and from school.
  • Students are expected to wear the school uniform on all school days throughout the year.
  • Students are expected to wear full school uniform on excursions.
  • On some excursions the use of school uniform may be inappropriate. On such occasions, parents and students will be informed on the consent form.
  • Leggings are not permitted.
  • Pants are to be school trousers, not denim, cord or cargo pants. Track pants or pants with elastic on the ankles are not acceptable.
  • Jewellery, including facial piercings, is not encouraged but may be worn only if it is relatively inconspicuous and does not constitute a safety hazard.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside corridors or classrooms.
  • Due to Work, Health and Safety concerns, spray jackets are not to be worn during science laboratory sessions, technical studies and home economic practical sessions.

Purchase uniforms

Uniforms can be purchased through our current supplier:

383 Grange Road, Findon SA 5023
Phone: 8447 2077
Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm

Findon High School Online Uniform Store