Fees and payments

Materials and Services Charges approved by the School Governing Council for 2024 is $564 for all students. 

In December 2023 a poll was undertaken in accordance with Education and Children’s Services Act 1919, and the Materials and Services charges Administrative Instructions and Guidelines, regarding the legal collection of the ‘Prescribed Sum’ within the Materials and Services Charge for 2024. The results of the poll were in favour of legal collection with an overall approval of 58%. The Principal has reviewed the results on behalf of the Chief Executive, Department for Education, and approved the ‘Prescribed Sum’.

Our preferred method of payment is via the Qkr app.  Alternatively, you can pay online via Bpoint (you will need your credit or debit card, family ID code and invoice number) or credit card. If you wish to pay by instalments, please arrange to complete a direct debit form and return to the school as soon as possible. 


Findon High School utilises Qkr (pronounced “quicker”) for online payments including canteen orders. 

Qkr is a free, secure mobile application for fast and easy payment of school accounts. There is no need to load funds in advance. The application is owned and operated by Mastercard, ensuring safety and privacy of information and alleviates the need to send cash to school with your child. For more information on how Qkr! works click here.


Financial assistance

Application forms for 2024 are now available from the school or www.sa.gov.au