School policies

Everyone within the Findon High School community is expected to respect and follow the school’s policies.

They allow students to experience success in a safe and caring environment that supports their resilience and achievement.

Our mutual obligations

As your student:

  • I will be respectful of others and the learning space
  • I will be on time to lesson with my equipment and prepared to learn
  • I will always have a go.

As your teacher:

  • I will be in class and greet my students on arrival
  • I will have the learning intentions visible at the start of the lesson
  • I will provide feedback regularly (formal and informal).

As a parent:

  • I will support my child to attend on time
  • I will help my child be organised for school by having all required learning materials and wearing school uniform
  • I will support my child to engage in learning activities by reinforcing student obligations at home.

Visit department policies to access the department’s operational policies.