School apps

Our School uses various apps for parent-teacher communication, for school payments and to order food from the school canteen.

If you need support to connect to these apps please Contact us.

Daymap Parent Portal

DayMap is a Learner Management System that helps parents stay up to date with events, news and school communication.

Parent access is through the DayMapConnect portal.

To access your DayMapConnect please select which program your student is in by clicking on the program logo below.

Findon High School logo                                       

If you experience any issues in logging into DayMapConnect please contact the school.


How to get the Daymap app

It is recommended that when logging into the Daymap parent portal for the first time it is done outside of the app, rather by using the above links.

Once your account is active, please follow the below steps to download the Daymap App.

1. Search for Daymap in the Apple store for iPhones or iPads, or in Google Play for Android devices.
2. Download the app.
3. Log into your account.
4. Add our school.

Need help logging into our Daymap Parent Portal?
Click on our User guide Logging into Daymap Parent Portal


Use the QKR app to make school-based payments including ordering food from the canteen.

Download the app here for iOS and Android.