Teaching and Learning Teams (TLT)

Teaching and Learning Teams

At Findon high School, planning for student learning is underpinned by a culture of collaboration. We work collegiately, sharing insights into the students we teach and strategies that have proven most effective in ensuring their success. As teachers work in Teaching and Learning Teams (TLTs), each staff member’s unique strengths play an integral part of a ‘bigger picture’, where we all make a difference in the lives and learning of our students.

TLTs enable staff at Findon High School to:

  • Share best practice in unit planning, resource development and task design
  • Support the ‘deprivatisation of practice’, placing the success of all students at the centre of our work
  • Ensure connection across learning areas grow organically, helping students to see the relationship between the different ‘disciplines’ through initiatives like Multicultural Day
  • Consider student achievement data, with, and across learning areas
  • Contribute to whole school initiatives, including the new approach to reporting which requires students to reflect upon their own achievement
  • Undertake meaningful in school moderation

Future Directions – 2016 and beyond

  • A focus on whole school inquiry based learning
  • Development of a functional space in the Resource Centre to more effectively support 21st Century Approaches to learning