Supporting students with a disability

Supporting students with a disability

Findon High School works with the school community and other services and agencies to support its students with a disability in being responsible and productive life-long learners. The school prides itself on having a positive and supportive learning environment that is supported by a model of inclusive education. To this end staff are highly accountable for understanding student’s individual needs and work collaboratively, with colleagues, agencies and the families to help the student gain the most out of school.

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Support through School Services Officers

  • Students verified with a disability are supported by highly competent, experienced and compassionate SSOs
  • SSOs also support programs, such as Multi-Lit, for students whom the school identifies as needing additional support

Building student capacity through offsite programs

Students whom have a verified disability and identify their need for additional skills related to learning or preparing for the workforce are enrolled in offsite programs to supplement their onsite, mainstream learning. These programs include:

Results from our students at these courses shows a high degree of engagement and academic achievement, which complements their school based preparation for entry to the workforce and tertiary education. This pathway also offers an alternative pathway to achieve their SACE, with programs being tailored to appropriately match the student’s needs.

Engagement of external agencies

Findon has established a culture of collaboration when seeking to meet the needs of students with disability. A range of vital external agencies act as an extended team of professionals that cooperate to build a detailed understanding of each child’s needs, develop suitable learning programs and track progress across their school years towards successfully completing SACE, gaining entry to tertiary training or winning employment.