Severe and Multiple Disability Unit

The Special Needs Unit was established in 2004 and was the first Disability Unit in a High School following the Principals of Conductive Education, catering for students with severe multiple disabilities. The unit is designed with facilities for students to access curriculum as well as provide for their health and personal care needs. Situated within a High School allows for integration and interaction with mainstream schooling. Students with severe multiple disabilities require a balanced curriculum in which their cognitive, physical, communicative, emotional and social needs can be catered for. Students are encouraged to set their own learning goals. Through collaboration with Parents, Teachers, Conductors and Therapists specific learning goals for individual students are identified during the Negotiated Education Planning process.

Our Philosophy

We believe all students are unique individuals who learn best when they are actively involved in their learning and the environment supports their needs.

Criteria and Placement Process

 All students attending the Special Needs Unit have more than one diagnosis of disability, referred by a DECD Psychologist; however a physical/ neurological diagnosis must be the primary disability. All students have had an assessment of their ability to participate in CE by Conductors – facilitators of the physical aspect of the program. Enrolment will be negotiated through the N.E.P. (Negotiated Education Plan) process. All students in the Unit have yearly NEP’s with regular up-dates if alterations are made by therapists or as requested by parents.

The Special Needs Unit at Findon High School has 4 main foci:

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