The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a certificate students receive when they successfully complete Year 12. It is internationally recognized, and is the main way South Australian students enter TAFE and University courses in South Australia, interstate and overseas. More information can be found at or talk to your school’s SACE coordinator.

To ensure that all students achieve a successful pathway, Findon High School implements a number of strategies within the Senior School to support and guide students to achieve a successful outcome in SACE or an alternative pathway.

Some of these strategies that Findon High School currently implements include:

  • Year 12 Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  • Progress Markers with flow charts
  • Individual Mentor Program for each Year 12 student
  • Traffic Light System
  • Pre-Stage 2 Subject Workshops
  • Elevate Educate Seminars and Parent Workshops
  • Future Pathway Planning Interview (FPPI)
  • Past student presentations

For further information regarding these strategies or any other concerns around Senior School please contact the Senior School Coordinator at Findon High School.