Act for Peace Ration Challenge - Update #1

Hello Findon High Community,

Did you know that 13.5 million Syrian refugees are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 6 million children, This is a fire statistic, but thankfully we can do something about it. 

A team of 8 students and 2 staff at Findon High are taking charge  and participating in the Act for Peach Ration Challenge!

The aim of this initiative is to show refugees around the world the we at Findon High School are standing with them, educating the school community and raising funds to ensure access to basic human needs like food, clean water and education.

Most importantly, by getting behind the school team you'll be supporting refugees to cope with the hardships and horrors they've sufferedby providing them with thy phyiscal and emotional stength that comes with connections to others across the world.

Will you please sponsor us and also share the Findon High School Hub fundraising page link on your facebook and other social media and write messages to those closest to you to help broaden our teams' network of contacts.

Also please take the time to watch the videos below.