Music is offered to all students in Yrs 8 - 12.

In Year 8, all students study Music for a semester and the focus of their work is to acquire basic skills in a range of instruments to be able to participate in a class band. They also learn about the elements of music and engage in creating their own music, as per the requirements of the National Curriculum. From Year 9 through to Year 12, Music is an elective subject, usually running for a semester in Years 9 and 10 and for a full year in Years 11 & 12. Some of the activities the students are involved in include: whole class, ensemble and solo performance, learning about music theory, song writing, reviewing and critiquing performances and researching historical and stylistic aspects of music.

 All Music students have access to free, instrumental and vocal lessons provided by the Instrumental Music Service, with experienced teachers who come to the school on a weekly basis. In addition, all Music students are involved in regular performances, both within and outside of our school. Semester 1 ends with our formal Annual Mid-Year Concert and Semester 2 with our more relaxed Twilight Concert, usually held outdoors on the school grounds. Through preparing for these performances, students develop confidence and belief in their abilities as well as increase their teamwork and problem solving skills.