Mock Hearings

Since 2013, Findon High School has been participating in International Mock Hearings with students from Texas, in the USA.

 On multiple occasions, our students have gone on excursions to the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts and have sat in on existing trials. Whilst in the Supreme Court, our students were so engrossed in the cases that they didn’t want to leave. This year, our Year 11 Legal Studies class was fortunate enough to speak to some of the sheriff officers in the control room and see how alleged offenders are held and transported. Several students have expressed the desire to return to the courts during the school holidays to hear more cases, as they are so passionate about the subject.

 The 2016 Legal Studies class have been so engaged with the International Mock Hearings that they want to get a functional mock courtroom at our school so they can continue to participate in International Mock Hearings as well as with local high schools. The students are really looking forward to their next mock hearing which is based on the case of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’