Karley Pel. Former year 12.

"As a former student of Findon High, I would by all means recommend the school to parents and students for a range of reasons. Findon provides students with many great opportunities and also allows them to get involved with a range of activities. From the numerous excursions offered each year, to Sports Days, school camps and much more. What I loved most about Findon was always being able to have one on one encounters with the teachers due to the smaller class sizes. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge and also get the help I needed to improve my work. As a whole, Findon High is filled with friendly, happy teachers and students, making it easy for the Year 8's to fit in. I am definitely appreciative of being able to spend my senior schooling at such a homely, organised school and am thankful for all the opportunities I was given".

Karley Pel, former Year 12.