Findon Academic Access Network

Welcome to the Findon Academic Access Network Blog

As part of my growing role within Findon High School as Coordinator for Intervention and Support,  I want to begin building a network within the school as the hub for parents of students whom have learning difficulties or a disability.

There are many choices and pathways for families to consider, so I hope to build a network supporting areas. Some areas that parents have expressed a desire for more information and guidance include: 

  • How to navigate the NDIS
  • Accessing the workforce
  • Transitioning to adulthood
  • Pathways for completing SACE

This is my first attempt at reaching out, so I hope you can give me some feedback on what you would like from a network seeking to support students requiring support with their academic and you, their families. Please be candid and vocal; I will need plenty of guidance. I can be contacted directly with my school email on Please be patient, as my role encapsulates many areas, including teaching many of your children, but I will aim to post on this website and reply to emails on a regular basis.

 'Pathways to Success' are forged, not stumbled upon.


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